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Port Chicago Alliance is a group of advocates working to uplift the legacies of the sailors of Port Chicago. We believe it's long past time our nation recognized the positive impact the Port Chicago 50 had on our country, as their courageous actions shed light on the injustices of racial segregation and compelled the Navy and U.S. Armed Forces to desegregate.

Our mission is to honor the sailors of Port Chicago and recognize their sacrifices and national achievements by building public awareness, promoting education, and advocating to exonerate the sailors of their wrongful convictions.



We are working with legislative offices and advocacy organizations to push for exoneration through both U.S. Congress and the Department of the Navy.


Building public awareness


We are working with community organizations to organize phone drives and special events advocating for exoneration of the Port Chicago 50.


We strive to promote Port Chicago educational efforts while working to advocate for resolutions and letters in support of exoneration.


Our staff reports on the latest news related to the sailors of Port Chicago.


We publish editorials, interviews, and essays on the Port Chicago disaster and the sailors of Port Chicago.



Port Chicago Alliance Director Yulie Padmore has advocated for justice for the Port Chicago sailors since 2019. As co-founder of East Bay Black Employee Collective, she worked with colleagues and community organizations to help facilitate the naming of Thurgood Marshall Regional Park — Home of the Port Chicago 50 in 2020/2021.

In 2023, Yulie founded the Port Chicago Education Foundation to help ensure public students in Contra Costa County have access to Port Chicago history books.

Yulie is a proud member of NAACP East County and the Contra Costa County Bar Association's Port Chicago Task Force.

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